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  • Bjarni The Film

    Bjarni The Film

    Being able to do what you love to do is an obstacle on its own. Doing what you love to do and missing a part of the experience can be a nightmare. Bjarni, a vocal artist who cannot hear high frequencies, shows how he continues to sing while overcoming personal and professional obstacles. Inspired by […]

  • Bjarni | teaser

    Bjarni | teaser
  • Brandweer | Promo

    Brandweer | Promo
  • Wedding Abraham / Samiatt

    Wedding Abraham / Samiatt
  • Aftermovie Peru SingleFin

    Aftermovie Peru SingleFin

    Last november we rode the longest waves in our lives. This is the aftermovie of our memorable Single Fin trip to Chicama in Peru.

  • Tiny Boundaries

    Tiny Boundaries

    A documentary about Lynton and Pi and how they began to redesign their lives after a burnout, putting family, time and health first, reconnecting with nature and through it themselves. Inspired by the tiny house movement, they are exploring a way to live debt free and as simply as possible. Working with Woonpioniers and Liberté […]

  • Teaser Tiny Boundaries

    Teaser Tiny Boundaries

    Coming september 2018. A story about a delivery of a TinyHouse all the way from The Netherlands to a remote island on the west coast of Scotland called Jura! An inspiring story about life, choices, changes, family, a TinyHouse, opportunities and no boundaries!

  • Christiaan & Rosie

    Christiaan & Rosie
  • Elements

  • Siem


    Wachten op de klant die nooit komt. Er zijn weinig mensen in Nieuwpoort en omgeving die niet weten wie hij is, Siem. Maar wat schuilt erachter deze onbereikbare bijzondere man? Siem, iemand waar menig mens nog veel van kan leren. Hij is wie hij is en trekt zich niks aan van de buiten wereld of wat die […]